Michel is one of the most experienced metal musicians in Cairo! Based on the interviews with Monika Bremer | AGENTUR govad, with Michel about the music situation in Cairo, with Chadi Ashraf from Varden and with Sherine Amr from Mascara, Metalnews.de jumped in and wrote from another perspective about the situation.

Lennart from Metalnews interviewed Michel and Usama Ahmed from the Culture Wheel. About music and metal in cairo including some history, about being a metal head in Cairo, about opportunities and plans. We are very happy that also a youtube video from VARDEN Band as well as the in Germany recorded drum solo and the website of Michel has been published.

Metalnews will be a public relation partner if the planned projects like an egyptian metal night in Munich and the Metal Battle 2014 in Cairo will take place.

Find here the article in german language: metalnews.de

Posted in Interviews, News on Nov 01, 2012